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Tradtional Jigsaw Puzzles

Online jigsaw puzzles are fun to play and our popular traditional style jigsaw puzzle is simply just that – a jigsaw puzzle to solve as fast (or as long) as you like. This set of puzzles open with a default number of puzzle pieces ready for you to solve. If you wish more or less puzzle pieces just select the number of pieces from the drop down menu at the top of the game. I have switched off puzzle piece rotation in this set of games.

You can also use your own picture to play the game, just select the Create puzzle button on the top-right of the game and select a picture you want to use on your computer or tablet. This option is only available in some browsers, so if you do not see a Create puzzle button you can always change the browser you are using to play the game.

Most of the pictures have been taken from Pixabay and represent wonderful photographs and images from a range of people. You will find links to them at the bottom of the page under acknowledgement’s. These pictures are all free to use. I hope you enjoy playing our free jigsaw puzzles, please bookmark and share. If you would like to say thanks then just use our Amazon store to buy your next online purchases from Amazon and we will earn a small commission on what you buy – thanks for your support.

p.s. watch out for the bats in some of our "scarier" jigsaws.

Jigsaw Puzzles from Games and Puzzles

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Acknowledgments and photo credits: Many of the pictures used to create the jigsaw puzzles were originally taken by Penny from Australia, other photographers include Gavin Banns from the UK, Christel  from  Eckental, Deutschland, Christel  also from Deutschland, and the Pixabay user - Santa3 from the fictional Moomin Valley (we all love our privacy), Susan Cipriano from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has a definate romantic theme in her pictures (romance and the moon images), Heribert from  Lingen (Ems),Deutschland for his wonderful images of cars / trucks / vehicles, they look so real that it is hard to believe that many of them are toys / collectables.